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I've been a photographer for more than 50 years on and off. I began as a commercial advertising photographer in New York City many years ago and have held many other jobs/occupations. I'm retired now and living in Albuquerque, NM. I am attempting to construct a new database to show my photography as the first one I made is very rudimentary and I'd like something with a bit of style. It might take me some to do this, so please have patient's with my efforts.

The New World of Photography

I have been very slow to either investigate or use any aspect of digital photography! Having been trained and having worked as a film-based commercial photographer so many years ago, I felt that I simply had no use for digital image making. For one thing, it was completely foreign to me. For another, I was […]

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Essential Still Life Lighting Techniques

Background I was a professional advertising photographer in New York City in my younger days, and now I have truly embraced the digital age of photography. Yet, even as materials and chemicals have disappeared (or almost so) lighting and the art of lighting remains as important as ever. When I was photographing products (still life […]

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Website Design With WordPress And Photocrati

I’ver been working with the WordPress program and the theme/template from Photocrati for a couple of weeks now and I have what I think is a very passable site. So far, I have been able to finalize the Main Menu System, the Major Galleries, the About Me pages, the Equipment and Techniques page, the Contact […]

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Getting to Know . . . Photocrati!

Since I am just beginning to use the Photocrati Themes For Photographers, I am not really in a position to do an in-depth review of the themes or, really, to discuss their ease-of-use. Instead, this short piece will simply talk about first impressions. I think that is fair. When I have gone much deeper into […]

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Getting the site up, which means installing wordpress, has not been easy so far. There is a great deal more to know that I had to learn at my old site. I have had to use the MySQL database sytem and it is like no database that I have used before. I used to be […]

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On Installing WordPress

This is the first use of  WordPress┬«  for me. I have determined that the Flickr gallery/sharing system is no longer an ideal solution for showing my photography since their interface has been undergoing so very many changes recently. Because of this, I have decided that I need my own site and it must be more […]

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