Getting to Know . . . Photocrati!

Since I am just beginning to use the Photocrati Themes For Photographers, I am not really in a position to do an in-depth review of the themes or, really, to discuss their ease-of-use. Instead, this short piece will simply talk about first impressions. I think that is fair. When I have gone much deeper into the use of the theme, I will be able to say much more about it, give meaningful criticism – good or bad, as the case may be – and, ideally, make recommendations regarding the product.

First, in case anyone reading this page would like to see the product, the company, their glowing words, and the fine work they turn out, their URL is Photocrati – Themes For Photographers!.

I have to say, the theme and the different combinations of design that can be accomplished is really quite staggering. Using the one theme which the company provides allows well over (or at least) 60 different looks/styles of design. This, along with the many customizable features (which are easily selectable from the interface) or which can be custom coded if you are so inclined, gives what might be an infinite number of different sites that one could create.

But, is it simple? Well, I have to say, it depends!

If you are an absolute neophyte at web building, then it is not simple in the least. If you know a little bit, you can get by, particularly if you are a fast learner and don’t mind experimenting and doing things over-and-over until you get it right. The latter is my style. I did look at the instructions for the Quick Set Up and tried to get them going but found that there is some assumption of knowing more than I do. Eventually, I got the Quick Set Up site building instructions to work up a fairly good looking basic site. I also did some viewing of video tutorials and reading which has been only just a little helpful, really. These limitations are strictly my own, your milage may vary, as the saying goes!

If you have pretty fair knowledge of web-building techniques using WYSIWYG or template driven design products, you’ll cruise! If you are an all-out whizz at writing HTML and designing web-sites, then you probably don’t want or need this product except to save a great deal of time!

Depending on when you are reading this piece, you might be looking at the very early starts that I’ve made. I suspect that, as I become more able to use the product, my site will evolve and, I hope, it will be a good-looking and easy one to use. Speaking of my getting more able to use the product, I have found that it gets easier and easier to do the things that I want, once I have figured out the basics of the WordPress system and the Photocrati themes. For my skill level, however, this figuring-out the basics has been a pretty steep climb. But, as I remember from perusing the I-Ching back in the 60’s, “Perseverence Pays!”

I will say that anyone who is looking for a really flexible template/theme product which can (in the right hands) produce a truly beautiful and useful site, should take a good look at the Photocrati product. It is relatively inexpensive at $79.00 with full support and all updates for 1 year from the purchase date.

That last does not mean that, when the year is up, you can’t continue to use the product because you can! And, you can use it for an unlimited number of sites either personal or for others (as far as I know.) If you want to be sure of more support, it is $39.00 for an additional year.

Furthermore, you don’t have to show their logo or any reference to their product in the completed site! I think the company is pretty liberal in their terms considering that the new business model calls for renting out software. If you don’t pay up at the conclusion of your term, you are summarily cut off! More and more companies (from editing software, to virus protection and more,) are moving in that direction, so it is refreshing to find one that still gives a person a fair deal.

OK. So, till I get more inspiration to review this product further, and depending on how great a site I manage to develop using it, I’ll leave it at that and say “Goodnight All!” KDR

2 thoughts on “Getting to Know . . . Photocrati!

  1. Hey, this is a fairly good first, though cursory, review of the Photocrati Themes for Photographers. It tells it from the point-of-view of a web beginner and that’s good. Judging from this review, I think the product is worth a look!

    • Thanks for your comment, Daniel, always nice to see someone is looking!

      Photocrati is currently undergoing a major change to their themes. For the better, judging from all of their current promotional information. I will wait for the completion of the new themes before I either upgrade or make the effort to produce a new site using the new materials. But, it surely looks worthwhile; particularly, since I know how to use the themes now.

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