Image UnavailableSelecting   About Me – Kevin  from the drop-down menu as you hover over the word “About” on the main menu, will navigate to the actual bio-page describing my early photographic training, my inspirations, and my current aspirations as a photographer.

Selecting   Equipment and Techniques   on that same drop-down, will produce the page about my current equipment and that which I’ve owned and used in the past. Also, I talk a bit about the techniques I use in my current practice. Nothing Earth shaking, of course, but for those who are curious about me, it’s just a bit more information to go with the photo-show.

You are also welcome to visit my   Blog Pages   where I may write from time-to-time. My topics will, no doubt, be extremely varied but I will attempt to keep them to the theme of web-site building, my photography, great places to visit, other notable or, at least, interesting photographers – who knows, at this point. But, feel free to comment and let me know what you think or feel about my writings/ideas.

Thank you so much for visiting my site in the first place. I hope you have enjoyed viewing my work and I hope that you’ll come back to see any newly published work which I’ll be adding in the future as I create more photographs. It would be wonderful if you were so taken with an image, or images, that you simply had to have it, or them, to display on your walls or to give as beautiful and lasting gifts. I hope to have a Store on this site soon, where I will be selling prints of my work.

The prints that I will be selling through my on-line store are high quality dye prints, either just the print or with mats and backing. But, since they are dye prints, their life is limited to approximately 20-40 (or more) years depending on the conditions under which you plan to display them. The dyes used are as long-lasting as possible and the papers I use are long-lasting also. Matting, if purchased, is done using acid-free/conservation quality materials so that they will have the longest possible lifespan.