On Installing WordPress

This is the first use of  WordPress®  for me. I have determined that the Flickr gallery/sharing system is no longer an ideal solution for showing my photography since their interface has been undergoing so very many changes recently.

Because of this, I have decided that I need my own site and it must be more accessable than the site I’ve been using,   This Beautiful World  which uses the Flickr content and the  Fluid-R Gallery®  (a very beautiful and rich, third-party theme).

But,  Flickr®  has instituted so many changes that most third-party software programmers cannot keep abreast of them all and, consequently, their software cannot keep up.

These changes have made it very unwieldy, almost impossible to navigate with the justified page view (which was instituted, I assume, in order to make the system more enjoyable for those using tablets and smart phones.)

The company (Yahoo) has decided that they would do away with the Pro account and offer everyone unlimited storage, and unlimited loads but would put advertisements into their pages. Pro accounts will continue until they are timed-out, and then revert to these advertising-driven-free-accounts.

The current iteration of the program is unwieldy, and very prone to errors (bugs) which the company is aware of and which it attemtpts to fix.  But the company is not responsive either to the needs of the administers of the groups, which are the heart and soul of Flickr and which have made it what it was (before these massive changes occured,) or to its exhibitors.

Of course, companies are driven to produce the most profit possible and Yahoo is no exception. But, in their haste to make Flickr profitable (above the subscription prices of the many thousands if not millions, of Pro account holders) they are losing some of the very best photographers who were the reason that most people used and viewed their system.

I have determined that I must publish my own gallery and sales site. The site will be under construction for an indeterminate time but this first blog post is its introduction and I hope that the site will quickly follow.

I intend to purchase a template system and institute my site using the WordPress software. I hope that the learning curve is not too steep and that my gallery/site will be up soon.

Please check back in a week or two and see if I have made progress and please contact me about any problems/design errors or compliments if you have any. I will put up contact information shortly. In the meantime, you can write of any problems, or just let me know how you like/dislike the new site, in the comment box below! Thanks for your interest and your visit.

Thanks for visiting, Kevin Renz

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