Getting the site up, which means installing wordpress, has not been easy so far. There is a great deal more to know that I had to learn at my old site. I have had to use the MySQL database sytem and it is like no database that I have used before.

I used to be a programmer and applications developer in a corporation that I established and ran. I primarily wrote such business programs as Inventory Control, Accounting Software, Human Resources, Back-End Systems for an Automotive Customer Retention system,  Video Rental Systems, and Chiropractic Office Management Programs.

I used fourth-generation programs and their database products – which were,  at first,  dBase, then FoxBase and FoxBase Pro.   I also utilitzed Clarion which was a fully compilable program environment while the others had to utilize a run-time module and only became compilable in the last versions that I saw before retiring from that business.

Those databases were very straight-forward in their commands and the syntax of their language was easily readable and understandable. It was almost English with a lot of punctuation thrown in.

The same cannot be said of MySQL! Not by a long shot. It is dense with syntax and will require a great deal of study on my part if I am to utilize its power in even a very small way.   I cannot say that the Host Site has provided sufficient tools to make the job easier (but I have not fully investigated the matter.)   What I have seen is that it seems to have a very steep learning curve – and this is to accomplish even the simplest tasks.

I spent at least 1 1/2 hours in online chat with a support staff person last evening trying to log into the database, establish new passwords, and make an administrator record.

Granted,  I had to wait around 10 or so minutes for each question to be answered, and then it was answered as if each word cost the host service money,  which made things all the more difficult but I did accomplish my tasks.

The next job is to install the template system that I have decided upon and purchased. I couldn’t see the benefit of using any of the hosts’ freely provided templates which are primarily blogging site software templates – such as the one that I am using right now (at the time of writing this piece). By the time you might be reading it, I will probably have my Gallery site up and running.  I have in mind a complete gallery system with online sales capabilities,  slide-shows and multiple portfolios. That, obviously, will be my next project – building the web site.

I have purchased a product from a company which makes Photographer Specific templates that are customizable in over 60 different ways.  I’ll be working with it over the next weeks and hope that it provides everything that I need or want. It promises to do so and is backed with a 30 day money back gaurantee. It is also supported and upgraded for a period of 1 year from purchase.

It comes from Photocrati (I’ll publish the URL in future blogs but first, I want to get started with it so that I can also review it here.)

Stay tuned in (if anyone is watching, that is) and I’ll have more to say and more to show in the near future.

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